With the latest release, we have further improved the team sheet. In addition to some visual adjustments, it now offers the following functionalities: 

Planners can add remarks

In the column "Planners Remarks", planners can now add their own remarks: 

The remark can be saved with the save button. 

All planners of the instance can see this remark. The remarks are also displayed in the .pdf download of the team sheet. The functionality of planners remarks is only available for applied / assigned / confirmed employees, not for open positions. 

Mobile number and further information on the staff members

For a better overview, the column "Mobile number" has been removed from the team sheet. However, it is still displayed in the .pdf download. Clicking on the name of the staff member displays the phone number and further information: 

Employee´s remarks

If staff members have sent remarks on the assignment, this is displayed by means of a speech bubble symbol directly next to the name. The text of the remark appears when the cursor is moved over it: