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Staff Planning offers a variety of hints to help you with an optimal allocation of staff members to the available functions according to their wishes and abilities.  


These hints can be found in 

- the background colours of the event functions 

- the colour the event function frame takes on when a staff member is dragged over the event function 

- the symbols regarding absences, remarks from staff members, conflicts, qualifications or warnings about work quotas. 


The following example shows the staff planning view with several hints regarding the staff member Mister Sunshine when hovering over the name in the enrolled employees box: 



The background colours of the individual event functions have different meanings: 






Dark grey 

The employee has ignored the invitation to take on this function 


Mid grey 

The employee has not applied for this function 



The employee has applied for this function 


Light grey 

The employee has been provisionally assigned to this function (and has not been informed about this yet) 



The employee has been assigned to this function 



The employee has been assigned to this function and has confirmed the assignment 



The employee has been declined for this function by a planner 


In the employee list on the right, these background colours can also be displayed for each event function individually. To show the background colours in the righthand square, click on the team symbol in the event function. In this way, all enrolled employees can be viewed quickly and neatly in the list. In addition, employees who have registered for the selected function are displayed directly as a list and can also be selected (assigned) from here.


When the employee is dragged over a function, the frame can turn one of two colours: 

 Function with an orange frame – Jennifer König has been (provisionally) assigned to this function  

 Function with a green frame – the employee can be assigned to this function (conflicts, qualifications, etc. are not taken into account here) 



There are different symbols in Staff Planning which can offer further information depending on context.  




The employee has submitted their absence during the given time period 


Employee Remarks 

The employee has left a remark when applying (the remark opens when clicking on the symbol) 



There is a conflict because the employee has already been allocated to another assignment (a list of conflicts opens when clicking on the symbol) 



The employee does not have the required qualifications for this function 


Work Quota Warning 

The employee has gone over / is nearing their quota (details open when clicking on the symbol) 

You can find more information on the Calendar planning mode here. 

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