Qualifications and Functions

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Qualifications denote the abilities an employee should have to be eligible for a job as defined by you. Several qualifications can be added for each employee to cover the full scope of their potential.  


A qualification can be the staff member’s education, their experience in their field of work, a certificate of their skills or the ability to be team leader, for example. This helps us distinguish employees who are qualified by ‘training in the service industry’ from those who are skilled in ‘logistics’.  


The roles which are needed for an assignment can optionally be linked to certain qualifications, which ensures that Staffcloud invites the right staff members for each function.  


You can find a staff member’s qualifications in the Employee Data Sheet. Under configuration -> Collections, go to the collection ‘Qualifications’ to adjust or add to your defined qualifications.  




When creating a project or event in Staffcloud, the last step is comprised of putting together a team.  

Every event contains so-called functions, to which employees can be allocated in Staff Planning. These functions stand for the jobs which need to be done by staff members at a certain time, in a certain place (such as: Head of Service, bar staff, kitchen help). 


In the Collections under Configuration, define your functions and allocate the required qualifications to receive a customised selection of suitable employees when creating projects and events. 


To do so, go to Configuration -> Collections and pick a function in the Collection ‘Functions’. In the field on the right, choose which qualifications are required for this function.  


Functions (e.g. Head of Service, Team Leader, Supervisor, etc.) can be connected to the so-called Team Leader role, which you can read more about here. For each function, you can also decide whether all selected qualifications are required, or whether one of them is sufficient. You can toggle this via the check box found under the qualifications: 

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