Configuration of Wage Types

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A wage often consists of more than one wage component. This can consist of a daily allowance, a supplement and expenses for travelled kilometres or lunch deductions.

Staffcloud Field
IDThe ID can be filled with the identification of the wage programm
Base Value Type

predefined (per wage type) = is fixed in all assignments

adjustable (per assignment) = 

ControllableThe salary can be set active or inactive, this is usable for wage types that are not paid in every assignement. in exaple: expences
Activ or InavtiveThis Option is to set a salary type as active or inactive per default.
Proposabledecides whether the employee can select this wage type or even enter his or her expenses as an amount
Quota RelevantIf this wage type is to be added to the work target (employment law regulation 450 CHF/month), expenses are often not included here
Valid on Dayson which day of the week this wage is to be entered (Sunday wages must be taken into account)
Valid from > toAt what time of day of the days selected above is this wage type valid
Payment TypeRated - The salary type is is rated after the hours or another Base that can be entered in the Rate Base field
Fixed - a one time amount the 
RateBasevalue of the salary type
Rate BaseCan hold  /h or /km. All other Rate bases can be entered in the field underneath
h / KM - The Unit the Salary is rated with. This can be entered freely
Editable FactorThe calculated amount can be edited 
Dynamic ValueThe Value is linked to a attribute of an employee, a customer or an event.
Conditioning AttributeSelect the value on that the salary is linked

Conditional wage types 

wages are often paid according to seniority or age. Using the conditional wage types, the wage can be graded using an attribute. 

Special cases

If somebody is sick or does not appear, we recommend that you create a 'free wage type'. This can be adjusted and edited manually using the option ' Calculated amount can be edited manually'. This wage type is created in a separate wage profile (Sick/No Show). 

If employees are sick or do not show off, this wage profile can be selected and filled in the work data.

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