Pay Rises - Amending Wages in Staffcloud

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When minimum wage is raised, or an employer decides to pay staff more, wage profiles need to be adapted in Staffcloud. 


PLEASE NOTE: if you are planning or expecting future pay rises, we recommend altering wage profiles BEFORE this change takes effect.  Past wages set in wage profiles which have already been used can only be adapted to a limited degree. 


We have compiled a short video on how to configure this quickly (in german): 





To avoid having to create a new wage profile (which, in many cases, would likely need to be assigned to employees manually), we can simply generate a new wage type with the new (higher) hourly wages under Configurations / Wages: 




Here, it is important to correctly configure the wage type and to set it to “valid” on all desired days. 


Values which need to be filled in:  





Should be identical with the ID in your external payroll software 

Base value 

Fixed= predefined (hourly wages) 

Adjustable (bonus | expenses) 


Wages can be toggled on or off per assignment (allowances | deductions) 

Active or inactive 

Defines whether a wage type is active or inactive by default 


Defines whether employees can choose this wage type themselves or even submit their own expenses 

Relevant for work quota 

Select this if the wage type is allocated to a certain quota (e.g., an employee cannot earn more than 1,047.50 GBP/month). Usually, expenses are not included here 

Valid on 

This defines which weekday this wage type is valid on (take note of Sunday rates here) 

Valid from > to 

This defines the time of day this wage type is valid for on the selected days 

Payment type 

Factor - the amount is paid per unit 
Fixed - set amount (independent of factors such as time or distance) 


Amount payable per unit (only for payment type “factor”) 


Amount payable (only for payment type “fixed”) 

Rate Base 

The pre-sets here are per hour or per km 


h / km - the unit can be changed manually; the pre-set value can be replaced.  

Editable factor 

The calculated amount can be adapted manually. 

Dynamic value 

The wage type is based on a condition. 

Conditioning Attribute 

The wage type is based on an attribute set in the project, event, client or employee. 




As soon as the wage type is configured, you can save it by clicking on “Save”. 


In the wage profiles, allocate the new wage type to those profiles where an old wage type is to be replaced. Use the calendar symbols to show the date the change from the old wage type to the new one takes place. 


Ein Bild, das Text, Screenshot, Computer enthält. 
Automatisch generierte Beschreibung 


Once you save, the new wage type is valid from the defined date, and is shown correctly in the work data tab. 

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