Employee Work Data and Wage Proposals

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With this module, your staff members can submit their work data and wage proposals after an assignment either in-app or via the browser interface directly to you. 

In Staffcloud, employee work data and wage proposals can be activated in two places. 


General configuration 

With this setting, you can set a default. You can override this default for each event individually, should you wish to do so. 


In the configuration, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Events’ and activate/deactivate the function ‘Employees can submit proposals’. Confirm your selection with ‘Save’. 





In the Time Tracking tab, you can set an automatic reminder for employees who have not sent their work data after a predefined time period. 




For individual events 

The submission of work time and wage proposals can also be activated/deactivated for individual events. To do so, go to Project Management and select the project events you would like to change, then go to ‘Edit Events’. Now go to the Settings tab and check or uncheck the checkbox next to ‘Employees can submit proposals’. Confirm your selection with ‘Save’. This setting is not automatically applied to other events, and it overrides the default setting. 





Configuration under wage types 

To allow staff members to submit their proposals for a wage type, wage proposals must be activated for it. 
In the configuration, go to ‘Wages’, where you can choose your wage types. Once you have selected a wage type, you can activate proposals via the checkbox ‘Proposable - Wage type can be selected when submitting work data.’ Confirm your selection with ‘Save’. 





From the staff side: submitting work time and wage proposals 

Once an assignment starts, the employee app displays the button ‘Add Work Data’ in the assignment details. 



This button takes staff members to the ‘Add Work Data’ view where they can add break times as well as wage proposals and attachments.  




Once these have been submitted, the button disappears from the event details. 




Receiving work data and wage proposals 

You can find your employees’ proposals in Staff Planning under ‘Work data’ as Work Time Proposals. Additionally, there are Live Proposals which the planner can generate from time stamps or check-ins submitted by staff members. 




  1. 1. There are three ways in which to react to these proposals: 

  • Accept – You accept the employee’s proposal; in this case, the times added by the staff member are automatically submitted.  
  • Decline – You decline the employee’s proposal; the proposal disappears and is not taken into account. 
  • Request Update – You communicate with the staff member and ask for a new Work Data Proposal (this does not apply to Live Proposals, which are submitted via time stamps or check-in data).  
  1. 2. You can edit several employees’ proposals at once 

  • To do so, select the employees whose proposal you would like to approve 
  •  Check the data (individual work times, possible late starts) in the overview 
  • Edit the selected work data proposals via the button ‘Manage Work Data’ in the footer.  



Wage proposals can be treated the same way. 

Should staff members be able to submit several wage types, such as mealtimes or a mileage allowance, you can accept or decline them individually. 

As soon as you approve the wage proposal, staff members see a checkmark next to their assignment history in the app or browser view. 

For more detailed information on editing and confirming work time and wage proposals, please see the article ‘Editing and approving work times’ 


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