Creating a Project

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The events are based on a location or date and can contain one or more functions, which staff members can be assigned to. A function is defined by the roles or shifts which individual staff members may take on. 


Creating a Project 


When clicking the button ‘Create Project’, you can add a project name as well as further information.  

The data fields on the right can be customised according to your needs. You can add fields and, depending on your requirements, decide whether you would like to display them to staff members as well.  






Creating one or more events 


In the next step, you create your events. 

- The date is chosen via a calendar in which one or more days can be selected.  

        - With the Shift key, you can select a continuous time frame 

        - Pick several single days by clicking on them individually   

        - By clicking on the calendar week, you select the entire week in one go 


- The event time denotes the time frame in which all creatable events must lie 

        - Depending on the shifts you may have on each day, it might make sense to display the general parameters of the event here. 

        - The break time can be defined as a duration 

        - The event or work location can be chosen via drag & drop 

        - A new location can be added via the + sign 



Once all data is entered, your event can be created. To do so, please click on the button ‘Create draft event and go to Team’. 




If several locations or dates, and therefore several events, are needed within the project, they can be created in different stages.  




Events can be individually linked to functions (shifts or assignments). To do so, select all or certain events in the table.  


As soon as all necessary fields, i.e. ‘Function’ and ‘Number’ are filled in, the event functions can be created by clicking on the green button. 



The role an employee is meant to take on 


Number of people needed for this role 


Individual name for shifts (this is filled in automatically if you leave the field empty) 


Specific, individual name of the role 





Override Times 

The individual work time for this assignment; if left empty, the event time will be used here. 

Override Location 

The individual work location for this assignment; if left empty, the event location will be used here. 

Override Wage Profile 

Here, you can define individual wages for this assignment. If this is left empty, either the employee wage profile or the function wage profile is used here.  

Override Qualifications 

Qualifications which have been defined in Settings can be overwritten here. 

Advanced Options 

Here you can define whether staff members can see this function, or if there is a team leader 


By clicking the button ‘Activate and Invite’ underneath the box, you finish creating your project.  



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