Integrate Reporting Forms in Staffcloud with Formstack

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Thanks to the Reporting module, one or more reporting forms can be added to any project or event in Staffcloud. These forms are filled by staff and directly assigned to the respective events so that this data can be used by the planners for controlling, reporting, etc. 

Staffcloud uses a third-party solution for this and has built an interface to Formstack.

To use this integration, you will need a Formstack account. 

Once you have chosen and created a Formstack account, you are ready to go.

Please find the instructions to connect a Formstack account to Staffcloud here: 

1. create a Staffcloud API Key through Staffcloud Support

Contact Staffcloud Support ( or create ticket at to obtain a Staffcloud API Key.

2. get permissions through Staffcloud Support (list affected accesses)

In order for the forms to be added, you need the appropriate permission for your Staffcloud users. For this, list all accesses that should be given the permission to integrate forms.

3. Create a Formstack API key

Log in to Formstack and go to API in your account. Create an 'Application', which will create an 'Access Token'.

4. application fields

Application Name: name your application

Redirect URl: enter the link where the employee should be redirected after filling in the form → we recommend to enter your instance: https://[tenant]

Description: description (name can also be simply entered a second time)

Now copy paste the Access Token of the created aplication: 

5. Enter Formstack token in your Staffcloud instance

Open your Staffcloud instance and go to "Configuration" in the menu on the left. Under Settings > General you will find a tile named Reporting. Select Formstack and enter the Formstack Access Token you copied in step 4: 

6. Create a new form in Formstack

When creating any new form in Formstack, make sure to add a (hidden) field (type: short answer) called "AssignmentId" in the main part of the form. Without this field, a connection between an project/event within Staffcloud and the form in Formstack is not possible: 

Whilst the AssignmentID field is obligatory, you can also add further information from Staffcloud into the form: 

Field NameDescription
ProjectNameEnters the Project name into the form
ProjectIdEnters the Project Id into the form
EventNameEnters the Event name into the form
EventIdEnters the Event Id into the form
FunctionNameEnters the Function name into the form
FunctionIDEnters the Function Id into the form
AssignmentStatusEnters AssignmentStatus into the form, which is relevant if a form should be filled out before a person is assigned (applied)
EmployeeIdEnters the Employee Id into the form

7. Enter the Staffcloud webhook URL into any new Formstack form

To create the webhook URL, copy this information from your Staffcloud instance: 

Go back to your newly created form in Formstack and go to "settings" >"Emails % Actions" > "Advanced Settings":

Clock on "add a webhook" and enter the webhook URL:

Fill in the copied webhook URL from your Staffcloud instance (see above) and add the following into the URL: 

https://[tenant][StaffCloud API Key]

  • tenant: your Staffcloud instance name:
  • Staffcloud API Key: Please ask support ( to receive the Staffcloud API key.

Delete the [square brackets]!

Please chose JSON as content type. Click "Create Webhook"

After having created the webhook URL once, copy and paste it somewhere to use it again for newly created forms. 

8. Add one or more forms to a Project or Event in Staffcloud: 

Enter Project or single Events Settings, and go to the "reporting" Tab. Chose required forms and set them according to your requirements: 

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