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Thanks to the Reporting module , one or more reporting forms can be added to a project or event. These forms are filled in by the staff and assigned directly to each event, so that the data can be used by the planners for control, reporting, and so on. Staffcloud uses a third-party solution and has built an interface to Formstack .

To use the Reporting module, you need a Formstack account with at least the Silver package so that you can connect it to APIs:

Once you have decided on and created a Formstack account, you are ready. Here is the guide to connecting a Formstack account with Staffcloud.


       1. Create a Staffcloud API Key through Staffcloud Support.

Contact Staffcloud Support (+41 43 549 20 58 or Open Ticket ) to get the Staffcloud API Key.

You enter this at Formstack to connect created forms with Staffcloud. 

2. Have permissions granted by Staffcloud (list affected access)

In order for the forms to be added, it needs the appropriate authorization for the receipts. For this, list all the accesses that should receive the authorization.

3. Create a Formstack API key.

Log in to Formstack and go to API in your account. Create an application that creates an access token. We have created an application for Staffcloud Demo and use the generated token.

4. Application fields

Application Name: Name your application

Redirect URI: enter the link where the employee should be directed after completion → we recommend specifying your instance:  https: // [tenant]

Description: Description (Name can also be entered a second time)

5Enter tokens in Staffcloud Office.

Open your Staffcloud Office and go to Settings in the menu on the left. Under Settings and General you will find a tile with reporting. Select Formstack and enter the just created token (from point 2). Now her Staffcloud instance and her Formstack account are connected on both sides and can communicate with each other. 

6. Create a Form in Formstack.

You can find helpful tutorials directly on Formstack:

Here is an example of a POS report.

!! When creating a new form, be sure to add a 'hidden field' called 'AssignmentId' in the body of the form. This is required to process webhook notifications (detection of which map the form is sent for). Here's an example (we used the Basic field 'short answer' for this):

In addition to the obligatory field 'AssignmentId' further fields can be inserted, which are then filled out automatically:

ProjectNameThe project name from Staffcloud is inserted here.
ProjectIdThe (internal) ID of the project is inserted.
EventNameThe event name is inserted. This also works for automatically generated names, eg from the place of use.
EventIdThe (internal) ID of the event is inserted.
FunctionNameThe name of the function is inserted.
FunctionIdThe (internal) ID of the function is inserted.
AssignmentStatusThe status (divided, actuated, etc.) is inserted. Especially interesting for forms that have to be completed before the event.
EmployeeIdThe (internal) ID of the employee is inserted.

All fields are best inserted and hidden as short answer analogous to the 'AssignmentId', ie marked as 'hidden'.

7. Enter the Webhook URL from Staffcloud into Formstack with each new form

For Staffcloud to know if an appropriate form has been filled out, this form must be attached to each form.

From the settings (Reporting, see picture above), copy the webhook and go back to your Formstack account. 

In Formstack, go to Forms and click 'Settings' on the appropriate form. 

Then select 'Email & Actions' in the menu on the left and open the 'Advanced Settings' at the bottom.

Now you can add a webhook:

Webhook URL: paste the copied link (from the settings in Staffcloud) and complete the link https: // [tenant] / api / v1 / reporting-webhooks / submissions? Authorization_bearer = Bearer% 20 [StaffCloud API Key]  correspond with:

  • tenant: your instance name (can be found in the browser → http: // [tenant] 
  • Staffcloud API Key: you got it from the support at the very beginning (see point 1.)

(omit the brackets  and  ]  )

Be sure to select JSON as content type.

Once you've created a webhook, you can copy and paste the URL for other forms from existing forms, eliminating the need to get the link out of settings and adding Name and API Key.

8. Attach the form to a project or event

Back in the Staffcloud Office, under project management, you could attach the appropriate form to any project or event.

1 Open the project management and

2 mark desired project or desired events.

3 Click on the menu on the far right of the project menu (green bar).

4 Now you can select the appropriate form from the drop down menu and attach it to the project and / or the events via 'ADD'.

9. Configure options

After the form has been added to the project / event, further settings can be made:

Allow multiple filling

If this option is active, the form can be filled out not once, but several times per use.

Is required

By activating this option, the form becomes a mandatory field. The employee is forced to fill out the form (at least once).


This option determines when the form is to be filled by the employee.

Send reminder

If the form is required (2nd option), an optional reminder after X days can be sent to the employee.

10. Have the form completed by an employee

The employee finds the link to the form in his mission. The completed and signed form is then entered directly into Formstack and can be used there.

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