You can optionally display the respective planning progress to the employees. The progress bar will take all assignment with status "assigned" or "confirmed" into account. 

If you want your employees to see how many positions of an assignment are still open, you can set this under Configuration - Settings - Projects:


You can specify whether the progress of the planning should always be displayed, never or only after a certain planning progress has been made. For example, if you have a project with 10 positions to be filled and you select 50% here, the progress will only be shown to the employees as soon as 5 people have been assigned.


You can also adjust this setting for each project in the project settings:



The display of open and filled positions is shown to employees both in the invitations and in the assignments.

In the web application:


In the app (from version 2.1.55 for Android and 2.9.12 for iOS):

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