After having been assigned to a job, employees can or rather should confirm their assignement via the mobile app or web application. This confirmation results in being displayed as "green" in staff planning. 

The confirmation of the assignment can only be carried out by employees, as the confirmation entails an obligation under labor law. For the planner, it is not possible to set the status to "confirmed" (green).

Sometimes, however, it makes sense to reset the status of an employee from "confirmed" (green) to "assigned" (blue) in order to request another confirmation. One possible case would be a greater time change, after which one would like employees to confirm their assignment again with the new time. This functionality is now available: 

To reset one or more assignments from the status "confirmed" (green) to "assigned" (blue), first go to the Team List of one or more projects or events: 

Then select only confimed employees in the assignement status filter: 

In the next step, select one, several or all employees whose status should be reset from "confirmed" to "assigned. The button "Cancel confirmation" will appear at the bottom: 

By clicking this button and confirming the pop up that will appear, the confirmation of the selected employees will be reset to the status "assigned". The selected employees will then be displayed in blue again: 

PLEASE NOTE: Employees are NOT automatically notified about this action! You must message them manually to let them know that they need to reconfirm their assignment.