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There are two kind of emails sent from Staffcloud: Messages and Notifications. They work slightly different in terms of sender address.


Notifications are sent automatically "from the system". Therefore they do not have an explicit sender but a general notification sender address they are associated with.  


Messages are sent by a planner and use its sender address. By default, the sender address of a planner is the one used for the planner account. It can be viewed under "My account". Each planner can also set an alternative sender address under "My settings":

The sender email specified under "My settings" can also be a collective mailbox (i.e. the same address for several different planners), while the email address assigned to the planner account must be unique (as this is also used for the password reset, for example)

Spam considerations

To improve the spam rating of emails sent by Staffcloud, all emails going out of Staffcloud have to use an approved mail domain. Approved means: The domain (DNS) has been registered with our mail server as an authorized sender.

Approved domains

If a custom domain is approved, it can be used normally as a from address of the emails. To add your domain to our mail server, please contact support. We will inform you about the necessary configuration for your domain.

Non-approved domains

If you want to use a non-approved domain (for notifications or planner email) it will be set as reply-to path in the email. This means, the email will originate from a general Staffcloud address ( but a reply will be directed to whatever email address was chosen.

Check domain status

You can verify the status of a given domain by clicking on "Check sender email address" when entering a custom email address:

You will then see the result of the check in the bottom right:

Options and Information

There are different options and settings that can be used for emails in Staffcloud. Here is a list:

Custom Mail Server

Under Configuration -> Integration -> Custom email server a custom server can  be configured. If this option is used all mail will go through this server. Using a custom server allows to use any sender address. The administrator of the mail server has to take care of all things spam and delivery of emails.

Validate email delivery

This is an option provided under any email field in Staffcloud. It checks if the email address given in the field is good. Clicking it checks if the email address is blocked in our mails server. Note: If a custom mail server is used, this check only serves limited purpose, as the email might still be blocked in the custom mail server.

Notification Default sender address

This allows you to overwrite the sender address for notifications. If an approved domain is used, this address will be used as from, otherwise as reply-to path for notifications.

Default from address:

You can adjust the default sender address under Configuration -> General settings -> Communication:

Planner Sender email address

Under "My settings" the planner can change the email address he wants to use for messages here. Contrary to the account email address this one has not to be unique, but can also be a shared email address.

Both this address or if left empty the account address behave the same when sending a message: If the domain is approved it is used as a from address, otherwise the default notification address is used as from and this one as a reply to address.

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