Datafields and Forms

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        Recycle Data Fields

        A data field can / should be used in several forms. (Example: Data field "Date of birth" appears in the forms "Manage                 employees", "My account employees" and "Recruitment page 1")

        Duplicates of data fields should be avoided 

        You should never use two different data fields for the same information. (Example: Data field "Mobile number" in the                 application form, "Mobile no." in the form "Manage employees")

        Use selection fields with value lists. 

        It is often a good idea to predefine a response selection for a data field instead of allowing a free text response.                         (Example: "Car available" "Yes/No" vs. "VW Polo from my mother").

Configure Forms | Select the correct Form

Click on Settings / Forms

Select the form you want to edit.

Embed data field in form

Drag the desired data field into the form. (Drag&Drop) 

Remove data fields from form

Drag the desired data field out of the form and drop it in the "Available fields". (Drag&Drop) 

Delete data field irreversibly

Click on the "X" of the field to be deleted. ATTENTION: The data field will be deleted from all existing forms and it can no longer be produced.

Add new Data Fields

Click New Field and select the field type.

Fields of type Choice, Multiple Choice, Multiple choice with levels

If you create a selection field, select the Collection that has been entered in a earlier state

How do I create a Collection?

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Value List

3. Click Add New Category

4. Enter a name and click Save.

5. Click Add New Item.

Select a validation:

- Mandatory (required field)

- Unique (no duplicates may be entered. Example: social security number, email).

- Less than (number, value less than)

- Greater than (number, value greater than)

- Shorter than (number, text, number of characters)

- Longer than (number, text, number of characters)

Create a new section in the form 

Click Add Section.

Enter a title and the corresponding translations. 

Click Save.

Now you can drag data fields into the new section.

All data fields you find in Staffcloud are embedded in a specific form.

Under Settings / Forms you can manage them.

(Example: Form "Manage employees" contains data fields "first name", "last name", etc.)

An example

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