In the Staffcloud smartphone app, employees can send working hours live.

To verify this, a QR code is scanned.


Enable the transmission of the desired working hours in the settings and set a tolerance for them.

  • In the Configuration, Settings - Time trackingyou can set a tolerance for the check-in . This tolerance is the time in which employees can log in and out. This can be further refined in LiveTab in staff planning.
    • In the example, employees can send data 15 minutes before and after working hours begins or ends.
  • In the Configuration, Settings - Event you can select the times to be transmitted with the QR -  code. Start time, End time, Start and end of break time.
    • This setting can be revised for each individual event in Project Management

The view of the employee:

  • Under 'my assignments' - 'open', the employees find the assignment that need to be checked in
    • Employees can log in and out in the tolerance times specified by you.

  • The check-in option is located at the bottom of the assignment details
  • Once the option has been selected, the QR code must be read.
    • The verification of the code happens to you in the LiveTab, this means that the time of the employee is transferred in any case.

  • Anytime an employee needs to check in or out (in example after breaks or at the end of the workingtime) he/she can find the option on the same place in the open assignments

Your view; the LiveTab:

  • With the option 'Adjust Tolerance', you can control the display of the colors in the overview.

Transferring the data into the work data:

  • Select the work data that needs to be transferred and open the details
  • You are able to copy certain times. It is not necessary to copy all the times an employee sent you
    • In the example, the employee forgot to check-in after the break; Take this into account by transferring the original break times from the planning (= 60 minutes)
  • Once the data has been transferred; You can release in the submenu of the work data , the times and wages