You can find tutorials on available options within staff planning here. 

Staff Planning is at the heart of Staffcloud.

You've already invited your employees to work at an event?   

This way to the invitation list...

First, pick an Event / Project and click on Staff Planning.

The following actions are available in staff planning: 

Assigning Employees

Assign an employee to a function. (drag & drop) 

The employee is only assigned provisionally (grey). 

The provisional assignment is not visible to the employee.

Once you have assigned all employees to the available functions, click Assign.

Employee StatusAssignFinish
Appliedemployees remain registeredemployees receive a refusal notification
Invitedemployees can still register for the event
employees can no longer register for the event
Provisionally assigned
employeees are notified of their assignment. They have to subsequently confirm it
employees are notified of their assignment and have to subsequently confirm it

Declining employees

Click on the employee's context menu, then click on deny. 

To display declined employees, choose the filter denied and click on Apply Filters