This example shows staff planning with different symbols. The employee Alicia Ziegler is being "moved" to staff planning.

1 Function with orange border - the employee Alicia Ziegler did not register for this function 

2 Function with green border - the employee registered for this function 

1 Qualifications - the employee Alicia Ziegler does not have the necessary qualifications needed for this function. 

2 Conflicts - there is a conflict for the employee Barbara Blatter at this event (She is already assigned to work at the door.)

Bild 1

Picture 1; cursor on Baba Bärtschi

Bild 2

Picture 2; cursor on Josef Ackermann




1dark greythe employee (Baba Bärtschi, picture 1) ignored the invitation for this function
2light greythe employee (Baba Bärtschi, picture 1 | Josef Ackermann, picture 2) did not RSVP the invitation for this function
3greenthe employee (Baba Bärtschi, picture 1) is assigned to this function and has confirmed their assignment
4blue | transparent bluethe employee (Baba Bärtschi, picture 1) is assigned to this function | the employee (Baba Bärtschi, Bild 1) is provisionally assigned to this function
5transparent the employee (Baba Bärtschi, picture 1) can be assigned to this function (best case scenario)
6redthe employee (Josef Ackermann, picture 2) was declined for this function by a planner