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In addition to simple planning using drag and drop, shift planning also offers extended options for planning assignments. This is particularly suitable for multiple planning, that is, if several employees are to be planned at the same time, or if employees are to be assigned for several functions at the same time.

The idea behind advanced planning is simple: First, you select the objects to be linked - for example, an employee and a function - and then select the action to be performed, such as "provisionally assign".

Note: Since this type of planning is based on simple clicks, it can also be used on devices without a mouse - e.g. tablets. However, a minimum size of the display is still required.

Selection of objects

The selection of objects is simply a click away. Several employees can be selected by clicking on the individual names. Successive employees can also be selected together. To do this, mark the first entry and click on the last entry to be selected while holding down the shift key.

Functions can also be selected by clicking. Multiple selection is also possible here using the shift key. The order of the functions is always from top left to bottom right (chronological-alphabetical).

To deselect all marked employees and functions, the "Esc" key can be used. The selection can also be undone step by step. The usual key combination Ctrl + Z can be used for this. A note about these shortcuts can also be found at the bottom right of the screen

Further selection options

Functions can be selected not only directly but also via the event or project. By clicking on the event or the project, all functions in it are selected or deselected.

Functions of the same type can also be selected and deselected together. To do this, at least one function must be selected and then the corresponding action must be chosen from the action list.

Additional selection options are also available for assignments. You can select all shifts for an employee or all shifts for a status (provisionally assigned, assigned or confirmed).

Make assignments

Once the desired employees and function(s) have been selected, the provisional assignment can be made. Clicking on the action "Assign provisional" is exactly the same as dragging the employee over in the simple planning mode.

Planning works in all combinations of employees and functions, i.e. one or more employees can be assigned to one or more functions (also across events and projects).

Drop employees out of a function and Deny

Assignment can also be cancelled quickly with the help of advanced planning. To do this, simply select the desired shifts and click on the corresponding action in the action bar. When "Unassign" is selected, employees are returned to the status "Applied", which corresponds to "Pull out" in simple planning. "Deny" sets the employees to the status "Denied" as usual

Dealing with warnings

All warnings available in shift planning can also be used in advanced planning. In addition to the yellow symbols (availabilities, conflicts, and qualifications), these include the employee's status - that is, whether an employee has ignored a function, for example, or has not been invited to fill it in the first place.

If a combination of function(s) and employee is selected for the warnings, a corresponding note is displayed in the bottom left corner. If you now try to make a provisional assignment, you will be asked to confirm. You can now cancel, skip the warnings or open the popup to manage the warnings. You can also access this popup by clicking on the red-blinking hint.

In the window "Assignment - warnings" you can precisely manage which assignments are to be made. With the filter in the upper left corner you can exclude all shifts of certain warnings - e.g. all assignments that would lead to a conflict. The button "Show excluded assignments" allows you to show the selected but not considered assignments - for control purposes. Each individual assignment can be managed in the lower area of the window. The function title can also be used to (de)activate all inserts of a certain function.

As soon as all desired assignments have been selected or deselected, they are executed by clicking on "Assign provisional".

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