Calendar Planning Mode

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To show the calendar view rather than the usual tile view (project planning), you can simply change the planning view by clicking on the calendar symbol in the upper left-hand corner. 


By default, the calendar view shows all permanent employees who are available to be assigned to shifts according to their workload.

 Please be aware that, in order to see someone’s workload, your Staffcloud package must include the module “planned working times”. 


On the top left, you have the option to switch to displaying all flexible staff members instead.

You can choose whether a staff member is defined as permanent or flexible in their employee data sheet.

Permanent staff members

As opposed to flexible staff members, permanent employees do not require an invitation to be assigned. To be shown in the calendar view, they simply have to be qualified for any of the functions within the project you are viewing.


Assigning employees

By clicking on any of the permanent employees on the left, you see: 

  • Their workload under their name, on the left
  • An overview of shifts/functions to which they can be assigned, on the right

After clicking on a function on the right, the calendar now shows any shifts to which the selected employee can be assigned.

By clicking on “assign provisionally” in the centre of the footer, you can assign the employee to these shifts provisionally.

 The button “assign” on the bottom right completes the scheduling process, triggering a message to all assigned employees.

Hiding shifts

You might like to hide some shifts, perhaps because an employee has already been assigned elsewhere or because they are unavailable on certain days.

To do so, hover your mouse pointer over a shift you want to hide and click on the crossed-out eye icon. 

Flexible staff members


As previously mentioned, flexible staff members can be viewed and scheduled in the calendar view, just like permanent employees.



 As in the project view, to schedule flexible staff members via the calendar view, they first need to be invited to available assignments and enrolled. Only flexible staff members who are enrolled are displayed and available for scheduling in the calendar view. 

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