You can find the 'Duplicate' function in Project Management. Every project and event can be duplicated independent of status. Select the project or event and click on the symbol displaying the two squares shown on the left side of the column. 

After clicking on this symbol, the following window opens: 

Once a project is duplicated, it can be renamed. You can also copy events from the duplicated project into an existing project. 

When a project is duplicated and neither options are chosen, the events in this project are copied into the original project. 

For a one-time event, you can also create a new project. Here, the option to copy events into an existing project is available as well. If you do not pick a destination for the new event to be duplicated to, it will be displayed as a single event in project management.

The example shows how to create a new project called "Sampling October 2017". 

The options include two check boxes.

  • 'Copy assigned and confirmed employees'

                This copies the assigned and confirmed employees from the event you want to duplicate and provisionally assigns them. Invitees and employees who applied are not copied. 

                The events then show up as open events. 

  •  'Copy Enrolled Employees'

                This copies all employees who are enrolled, or assigned and confirmed.

                The events show up as open events.

When neither option is selected, the event is displayed as upcoming rather than open.

Date and Time

The event time can be adjusted by a minimum of 15 minutes at a time. 

The example project 'Sampling October 2017' will begin an hour ahead of the duplicated original project, as the value is set to "-1h".

If a day is chosen as the start date, Staffcloud updates the following dates based on the length of the original event.