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Direct exports in Staffcloud enable users to export data from various contexts, such as team lists or employee searches, by marking desired datasets and using the "Export" button. The exported data depends on configurable templates, with options for different formats available. This feature enhances data management efficiency in Staffcloud.

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Embedded (or direct) exports allow data to be exported from a given context (area within the software), for example, a team list or an employee search. The desired datasets are marked and exported via the "Export" button.

What data is exported?

This depends on the template used. For each context (see below), one or more templates can be stored. A template can be set as the default. How these templates are configured is explained here.

The button to trigger the export is divided into two parts:


Clicking on the left part (the text) exports the selected datasets with the default template of the respective context in XLS format. Clicking on the three dots opens the detail view:


Here all stored templates are visible. The default template is marked with a star and a special format. In addition to the conventional XLS format - suitable for Excel - other export formats are also available here.

In what contexts are embedded exports available?

Direct export is available in the following areas in Staffcloud, provided a corresponding template has been configured:

  • Team list in staff planning: As shown in the example above, specific staff data can be exported here directly.
  • Invitation list in staff planning: Here data of the invited employees can be exported, for example, a phone list of all requested employees.
  • Employee management: Lists of both employees and applicants/candidates can be quickly exported.

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