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The administration area is now located within Staffcloud as a separate main menu item on the left menu bar. Only users with the appropriate permission have access to this area. 

Within the administration, the usage overview and an overview of the planners (users) can be viewed.

The usage overview

The usage overview displays the values of the booked and used assignments, assignment hours, employees as well as SMS credits. Usage of emails and storage is shown for sake of co


The planner area contains the user accounts, the associated licenses and their authorization profiles. 

By clicking the button 'Add new account' a new user can be created. It is mandatory to enter a first name, last name, e-mail address and a user name. The e-mail address may be a unique identifier and may not be used more than once. 

Each new account must be associated with a license. The number of licenses is determined by the contractual agreement. 

Permission roles of users (planners)

Staffcloud offers a role based permission system. You can create and edit permission roles in the "Roles and Permissions" section. 

Create an new role:  Enter the name of the new role and then select the associated permissions by using the multiple choice menu.

Assign a permission role:  The role of a user account can be changed by clicking on the user accont's associated license. If a user needs single permissions not contained in the selected role, then it can be added can be added without creating another 'Role' by selecting 'Extra Permissions' .

For a detailed overview of the permissions for users, have a look at this article.

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