We ask for your understanding that this module is a beta test. We would be happy if you test it with us, there are still some possibilities for improvement and we are happy to receive feedback from the field test. 

To define a Projectleader we need some settings. The planning will proceed as usual. 

Setting a Teamleader function:

Within the settings we find the list of available functions under value list. 

If the module is enabled, we find a new checkbox within the functions, this is titled with 'Grants Projectleader role'.

Functions that are marked as the 'Project Manager' role can no longer be changed within the event creation/editing. 

For all other functions, the project manager role can be added when creating or editing an event. 

The inviting and assigning on the side of the planner runs as usual. To see the difference in the employee, please visit this knowledge base entry. 

The defined function is indicated by a turquoise bar.

Due to the QR Code available within the Project Manager App and the possibility to check in the employee, the project manager can also send data to the live tab. The check-in of the employees is thus monitored.