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Statuses are used in different areas of Staffcloud.

The different employee statuses

There are the following different statuses for employees:

In the Recruiting area:

  • Incomplete: An applicant who has not yet submitted all data via the recruiting form. (only available for 2-step application process)
  • Applicant: An applicant who has completed the first step of the application process. This applicant can now be accepted as a candidate (e.g. after a casting or personal interview) in order to submit further information (only available for 2-step application process) 
  • Provisional candidate: A candidate who has not yet submitted all data via the recruiting form. 
  • Candidate: All information has been submitted by the candidate. The planner can now assign further information and the salary profile and add the person as an active employee. 

Further information on recruiting with Staffcloud can be found here. 

In the Employees section:

  • Active: An active employee in the database who has full access to the app and can be invited/scheduled for assignments
  • Inactive: Inactive employees cannot be invited/scheduled. When a person is set to inactive, all future invitations and assignments are deleted. The person's data is all retained and they can be reactivated at any time. 
  • Deleted: Employees who have already completed assignments are not removed from the database, but anonymized. This anonymized data can be called up in the deleted status. Attention: Employees without assignments are completely removed from the database when they are deleted!

Assignment Statuses 

We differentiate the following statuses in the staff planning area: 

  • No status: An employee has not yet had "contact" with an assignment
  • Invited
  • Applied / Enrolled
  • Ignored
  • Provisionally assigned
  • Assigned
  • Confirmed
  • Rejected

When an event or project is archived, all statuses for the assignments in the event/project, except for assigned and confirmed, are deleted. 

Project & Event Statuses

These reflect the work status of events with the assignments they contain.

Only active events are displayed in the shift planning and on the start page. 

  • Draft: Events that have never been activated or for which creation has been canceled remain saved in draft status and can be edited / activated at a later date
  • Active: As soon as "Activate and invite" is clicked at the end of project creation, the events are active. They are displayed in the overview and can be called up in staff planning
  • Aborted: For events that are aborted, all invitations are withdrawn and assignments are canceled. The event is then archived
  • Archived: Once an event has been fully completed, archiving is recommended. This avoids long loading times in the overview. When archiving, all work data, wage data, etc. are retained. However, all assignment statuses except for scheduled and confirmed are deleted.

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