Once employees are invited to an assignment, they can enroll by ‘applying’ in the app, or ‘ignore’ the invitation.  
Planners can decline enrolled employees in Staff Planning for individual event functions, or for all filtered event functions. 


To include staff members with the status ‘ignored’ or ‘declined’ in Staff Planning regardless, some actions need to be taken by the employees and the planner. 



An employee applies despite having ignored the invitation: 

An employee can retrieve an ignored assignment and apply for it at any time.  

To see the assignment in the overview, they need to adjust the filter in the top righthand corner.  


In the filter settings, the check box for ‘ignored’ must be checked to see ignored assignments again.  


Once the new filter options are applied, ignored invitations are shown in the assignment list once again. 


Now the staff member can apply for the ignored events: 



Planning assignments despite ignored or declined status: 

By default, only enrolled staff members can be seen in Staff Planning. Nevertheless, planners have the option to include employees who have ignored an invitation or who were declined by a planner.  




Using the filter, staff members who have ignored an assignment or have been declined by a planner, can be shown in the list on the right side. 



Now the planner can also drag and drop those employees to the event functions.