We have completely revised the Teamleader App (formerly: Projectleader App) and published it with the current release. It can be accessed at [name].staff.cloud/teamleader. 

With the Teamleader App, you can allow one or more selected staff members on site to manage check-ins and break times for other staff members on the project, provide a QR code, and view the contact details of scheduled staff members. You can find out how to set up a Team Leader function here.

The Team Leader App is an add-on module that is not availabe by default. If you are interested in this module, please contact support@staff.cloud. 

In addition to some visual improvements, the following functionalities are currently available in the Teamleader App:

Direct access from the Staffcloud Employee App

The teamleader app can be accessed directly from the Staffcloud mobile app as well as from the web application by employees who are assigned to a teamleader function. There is no need to log in again or enter a password, the teamleader app opens directly with a click on the button:

Enlarge pictures and contact team members directly

After selecting the team member, you can enlarge the picture and the phone number is displayed. 

Using the buttons, you can call team members directly, send them a text message or WhatsApp (if WhatsApp is installed on the team leader's phone):

Improved filters

Using the filter functions, you can, for example, only display team members who have not yet checked in or out or who have not yet taken a break.

We have released several improvements and bug fixes lately. The whole list of new stuff that was deployed in december, klick here.