We are constantly working to improve Staffcloud. We release new features, updates and improvements about every two weeks.

Here is an overview of the releases of the last few weeks:

New functionalities in Staffcloud:   

  • Export: Working times that already take breaks into account can now also be exported.
  • The new information bar now displays planned maintenance work, disruption messages and other relevant information. The link "Learn more" in the information bar opens the entire status information in a new tab. 
  • Past assignments in the employee data sheet are now displayed with hours worked and wages (as soon as they have been approved).

Further improvements: 

  • The time frame in the wage types is displayed again, times can no longer be changed for wage types that have already been used. 
  • The change between the selection of a project in the overview and the tab "Personnel planning" is smoother.
  • General improvements in the team sheet: 
    • The progress bar in the team list has been improved.
    • The filter "Open positions" is now set by default
    • If only the filter "open positions" is selected, only those functions are displayed that also contain open positions.
  • The creation of data fields has been revised and updated - if a data field is created that already exists with the same name and type, a pop-up appears. This is to avoid redundant data fields. 
  • Date fields are better validated to avoid invalid entries. 
  • Staff planning or project management/overview: The date filter works correctly again.
  • Invitation list: After overwriting qualifications of a function subsequently, the search result for employees is displayed correctly again
  • The 2FA has been improved