We are constantly working to improve Staffcloud. Every two weeks we release bug fixes, updates and improvements.

Here is an overview of the releases of the last weeks:

Improvements / new functionalities in Staffcloud: 

  • Through our website, interested parties can now get to know Staffcloud as part of a Free Trial.
  • Planners will get an error message when trying to open Staffcloud on a mobile device.

  • In the Staff Planning - Overview:
    • "Create Project" button in the Staff Planning  Overview: projects can now also be created from the home page.

  • In Configuration: 
    • The default translations of notifications have been revised.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • In the Staff Planning - Overview:
    • Navigating over the Staff Planning icon of the individual projects and events resulted in an empty Staff Planning section.

  • In Project Management: 
    • Some projects could not be archived

  • In Work Data: 
    • Accepting multiple work data entries was not possible.
    • The time of approval was specified incorrectly.

  • Team list: 
    • The PDF of the team list was not displayed correctly.

New updates of the employee app for iOS (2.9.10) and Android (2.1.48) were released on August 22.

Improvements / new functionalities in the employee app:

  • Employees can participate in a survey from Staffcloud.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • [iOS] Removing a provider caused all providers to be removed from the app.
  • [iOS] The calendar in the "Availabilities" module could not be scrolled.